What To Do In Your Garage

When you have a garage big enough to do any project in, then that’s what you do, anything. I have done may projects in my garage. I have used and abused my garage over and again. For me, that is what they are for. I have two overhead garage doors so with all that space I have rebuilt cars, I have made shelves for my house and I have made furniture and much much more. The project that I am currently working on is for my wife. Her very first car was a Volkswagon Beetle, a green 1973 Beetle, it was her most favorite car. Obviously she has had to get more practical cars as she has gotten older but when they came back out with the new Beetle in 1999, she totally traded in her car and got the new one. She has had a one ever since, now she has a blue 2016 Beetle.

I found a Beetle hood (the one in the back of the car 😉 ) for real cheap at a salvage yard, it cost me thirty bucks. Granted it wasn’t in the best shape so I had to do a lot of work to it, including taking it to a collision shop and having them paint it to my desired color. Then I looked around at antique shops for old name plate letters of “Volkswagon”, now a days they just use the “VW” but back then they spelled out Volkswagon on the car. This task took a couple weeks and many antique shops, other car names were more popular especially the American brand cars, foreign cars brands were harder to find, but I finally found it. It wasn’t all in one piece but I will make do.

Next on my list was finding a Michigan license plate made in the year 1970 because that was the year and my wife and I were born. Back in the day they would have the year on the license plate, they stop doing that in 1980 I believe. So I searched around on the internet and also at the antique shops, sadly we didn’t think about the license plate until way after the “Volkswagon” name plate, so I had to go back to the same shops again looking for license plates this time. I did eventually find one with the year 1970, so that’s pretty cool.

Now all I have to do is mount it in our living room, it is going above our TV, the room is painted orange so the turquoise hood will be a good contrast in the room. But before I do that I just need to add the “Volkswagon” nameplate and the license plate and we will have a meaningful piece of art in our house. Something that is special to my wife and to me since I created it myself, nothing could be better.

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Our contribution to the contractors

Hey there all!

We just wanted to take a moment to welcome you to our site.  We will be using this platform to create a place for contractors and builders alike to maybe learn a thing or two about different things in the business.  We will be providing reviews of products that we like, how to posts for tricky jobs that we come across, architectural ideas and hopefully much more.

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