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One of my buddies who works for a construction company told me about one of the latest jobs that he was working on. It was building job that they were adding on to an existing house. The customer wanted to add on to their kitchen to make a sun room/eating area. Which is pretty easy to do, especially with how their house was set up but the only problem was that the customer had just put in a brand new hard wood floor in the kitchen and were particularly fussy about the construction crew messing it up. My first thought was why would they do the wood floor first? My buddy doesn’t know the first thing about wood floors so he had to consult some people that he knows that own a hard wood flooring company in Southfield for them to give him some helpful hints.

The wife of the house stayed home and watched my buddy and his workers like a hawk to make that they didn’t do anything to harm her floor. Which is crazy in it’s own right but crazier still that they were having the same company come back out and put wood floors in the section that my buddy was building. No one that him or I have told this story to have understood why the home owners didn’t wait until this new part was built first since they intended to put the same floor in both parts. I don’t claim to be a hard wood floor expert but I am pretty confident that to get the sun room/eating area to match the kitchen, they are going to have to resand the kitchen and refinish both parts at the same time.

I don’t think these people thought out their renovations to the fullest before they started. Or maybe the new section was an after thought but whatever the reason they are going to be spending more money this way than if they had just waited. Not really not was bothers me the most, what bothers me the most is that the home owners were totally oblivious to this and made a point to watch my buddy to make sure that he didn’t ruin their new floor. Of course he didn’t mention any of this to them, he was totally professional and made sure that he and his crew took all precautions not to damage the kitchen floor, hence why he called his friend that owned the wood floor company to help him out. That guy actually came out a couple of times to help safe guard the floor himself and didn’t charge anyone for it mainly because he had to witness the owners himself. Those home owners were the talk of the industry for a while. Usually most people are understandable when you get professionals in your home but their  are others that see it as the help and don’t do anything to make things go smoother but these take the cake for dumb they were.

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What Floors And Where?

Getting the perfect floors in your home is a big deal, you have to walk on them for as long as you live in any house. So you want to make sure that you pick the best type of floor for the each room. For some rooms carpet is best and in others tile or wood is best. Now you may be thinking that putting the right floor in the right room is not that big of a deal but think about it, would you put carpet in the kitchen? Hopefully you answered no to that questions, if you said yes that you are constantly cleaning your carpet. You, hopefully, also wouldn’t put carpet in the bathroom, even though I have seen this before, I strongly recommend not putting carpet in any bathroom.

My common practice and what I recommend to most of my clients is to change it up from room to room. Just like paint, your floors should also indicate that you are in a different room. I always put carpet in bedrooms because you want to feel comfortable in your bedroom and carpet is comforting. Plus, nothing is more annoying than getting out of your warm bed and putting your feet on a cold floor. Soft, plush carpet is best but any carpet will do. I prefer tile in the bathrooms, kitchen, mud rooms, foyers and anywhere there is a door to the outside. Tile is much easier to keep clean and dry then other floors, so anywhere where liquids are (even from outside) tile is best. Liquids do not absorb into the tile and you can get a grout sealer to help keep that clean, rugs are also good to use by doors or new sinks to help keep things clean. For hard wood floors, I like to keep those in hallways and the rest of the living spaces such as family rooms, play rooms, dens, offices, living rooms and so on. Hard wood flooring is more vulnerable to damage than any other type of floor. Put rugs under any furniture to protect the wood and always try to not spill any liquids on it but if you do be sure to clean it up right away.

Now, these are not rules to live by, a lot of people put hard wood floors through out the entire house and that is fine. However you want your house to be is fine but to keep your floors at their best for as long as you can I suggest following the ways that I have mentioned above. This way you have the best type of floors through out your house in the right rooms. Certain types of flooring manage better in certain rooms. Carpets are best in places that remain dry and relatively clean. Tile floors are best for places that have chances of any type of liquid spilling on them. Hardwood floors are best in areas from any sort of disaster. But keep in mind that this is your house and you are the one that has to live in it on a day to day basis so for your and your home make sure you pick what you are able to live with.

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What To Do In Your Garage

When you have a garage big enough to do any project in, then that’s what you do, anything. I have done may projects in my garage. I have used and abused my garage over and again. For me, that is what they are for. I have two overhead garage doors so with all that space I have rebuilt cars, I have made shelves for my house and I have made furniture and much much more. The project that I am currently working on is for my wife. Her very first car was a Volkswagon Beetle, a green 1973 Beetle, it was her most favorite car. Obviously she has had to get more practical cars as she has gotten older but when they came back out with the new Beetle in 1999, she totally traded in her car and got the new one. She has had a one ever since, now she has a blue 2016 Beetle.

I found a Beetle hood (the one in the back of the car 😉 ) for real cheap at a salvage yard, it cost me thirty bucks. Granted it wasn’t in the best shape so I had to do a lot of work to it, including taking it to a collision shop and having them paint it to my desired color. Then I looked around at antique shops for old name plate letters of “Volkswagon”, now a days they just use the “VW” but back then they spelled out Volkswagon on the car. This task took a couple weeks and many antique shops, other car names were more popular especially the American brand cars, foreign cars brands were harder to find, but I finally found it. It wasn’t all in one piece but I will make do.

Next on my list was finding a Michigan license plate made in the year 1970 because that was the year and my wife and I were born. Back in the day they would have the year on the license plate, they stop doing that in 1980 I believe. So I searched around on the internet and also at the antique shops, sadly we didn’t think about the license plate until way after the “Volkswagon” name plate, so I had to go back to the same shops again looking for license plates this time. I did eventually find one with the year 1970, so that’s pretty cool.

Now all I have to do is mount it in our living room, it is going above our TV, the room is painted orange so the turquoise hood will be a good contrast in the room. But before I do that I just need to add the “Volkswagon” nameplate and the license plate and we will have a meaningful piece of art in our house. Something that is special to my wife and to me since I created it myself, nothing could be better.

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